Wednesday 17 – Saturday 20 May 2017

Museums at Night

11-14 May 2016 / 27-29 Oct 2016

Connect!2016 Webb-Ellis

(c) Rob  Harris

An Empty Vessel

(c) Rob Harris

The Nunnery Gallery, Bow

(c) Rob Harris

An Empty Vessel by Webb-Ellis at the Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts 

Inspired by Susan Hiller’s Homage to Joseph Beuys, artist filmmakers Webb-Ellis planned two community pilgrimages to collect water from holy wells, leading one group from Bow Arts to Jacob’s Well in Ilford, and another group from Whitby to St Hilda’s Spring. They created The Skin Beneath the Clothes, an installation involving thermal-imaging video artwork of the pilgrimages, animation, and a display of the water-filled vessels pilgrims had collected, each sample mounted at the height of the pilgrim’s heart next to their fingerprint.

For their Museums at Night event at Bow Arts, pilgrims and community members joined the artists and Susan Hiller to spot themselves in the video art, drink together from a communal bowl and sample food grown along the pilgrimage route.

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Wednesday 17 – Saturday 20 May 2017