Thu 31 Oct - Sat 2 Nov 2019

Throughout the campaign leading up to the Museums at Night festival in May, we issue several publicity deadlines for you to register your event listing in our database and send us your publicity photos.

Here are all the publicity deadlines for the May 2015 festival:


If you can register your event listing by Friday 13 February, it will be included in all of our PR pushes.

The second deadline is Friday 20th March: if you register your event listing by this date, it will appear in our March outreach.

The final deadline to take advantage of Culture24’s PR for the festival is Friday 24th April.

Our system allows you to register events right up until the festival itself, but we strongly recommend that you aim to meet one of these deadlines so your venue and event can be part of the festival publicity campaign.

Here’s how to register your Museums at Night event.

Your next step: send us images!

An old library lit up at night

Gladstone’s Library at night: PR helps attract visitors to fill up your venue after hours!

The new Museums at Night website will have much more of a focus on pictures than our previous site. When you register your event in the database, do upload an image to help it stand out.

If you’re working with re-enactors, musicians, artists, authors or any other creative people, they may well have a set of photos they share for marketing purposes – make sure to ask for these images, so you can use them, and to share with us!

We’re already getting approached by media outlets wanting to feature the festival, who are looking for attractive photos of people having a good time exploring museum and galleries after hours.

So please email [email protected] your high-res publicity photos, along with the copyright info and photographer’s credit: we’ll put the best into our media image library, and you may see them pop up in newspapers and magazines over the next few months!

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Thu 31 Oct - Sat 2 Nov 2019