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Aowen Jin: © Aowen Jin

Bedwyr Williams: Live event phtographs © Nick Stockman, all others Bedwyr Williams

Marcus Coates: Journey to the Lower World photograph by Nick David

Peter Liversidge: Self Portrait © Peter Liversidge, © Nick Stockman (credited on page) and all others © 

Tine Bech: Film © Hatch, images © Tine Bech

Webb-Ellis: installation at the Nunnery images all © Rob Harris, other all © the artists

Connect! 2015

Alinah Azadeh

© Dora Carpenter -Latiri

The Gifts © David Emeny courtesy of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Luke Jerram

Luke and Clocks and Luke clock face © Helen Lisk

Tubes with Sky © Luke Jerram

Sky Orchestra © Thierry Grobet

Man slide splash, girl in tutu © Luke Jerram

Girl on piano © Claude Schneider Photography

Davy & Kristin McGuire

All © Davy & Kristin McGuire


Orphelia’s Ghost © Electric Egg

Pauline at the Williamson © Graham Smillie 

Pure Evil

All © Charley Edwards

Yinka Shonibare

Ship in a Bottle courtesy of Steve White, 2010

British Library, courtesy of Nigel Green, 2014

Cake Man II, courtesy of Steve White, 2014

Gillian Wearing

© Mark Sheerin

Gillian Wearing – Self Portrait of Me Now in Mask © the artist, courtesy Maureen Paley, London

Gillian Wearing (c) Paul Cox 2008

Connect10 2014

St Anne’s Allotments images © View and Winding Road Nicola Hinton, all others © St Anne’s Allottments 



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