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11-14 May 2016 / 27-29 Oct 2016

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CONNECT! 2014 – The year that featured Rankin!

St Ann’s Heritage Allotments in Nottingham is one of the more unusual venues to have won Connect10/Connect! over the years. They hosted a special one-off photo shoot and exhibition curated by Rankin in one day and evening during the 2014 Museums at Night festival.

The event was particularly special as it featured in an hour-long BBC2 documentary hosted by Will Gompertz, a clip of which featuring two of our Sowperstars Charlie and Pat is featured below. Pat Robinson, who has been an allotment holder at St Ann’s for many years said, “Rankin was a lovely man…made me feel quite special and it was a great photo.”

Maureen Cooper, whose portrait we feature says,

The picture is me in ‘Charlie’s shed’ on the Heritage Garden (which was ‘my baby’ at the allotments). I’m surrounded by old pots and tools. As a community historian I’m in my element! I’m laughing cos one of Rankin’s team was offering to take his shirt off for me – as a middle aged dyke I thought this was hilarious.”

 “…we were all a bit anxious about an international artist coming to our allotments …all the tenants thought he was lovely, not at all pretentious, and really put everyone at ease – and if you look at the photos he really captured the individual personalities.”

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Wednesday 17 – Saturday 20 May 2017