Yinka Shonibare - your vote counts!

Courtesy of Steve White, 2010

From 11am on Friday 1st May to 8pm Saturday 16th May you can vote for your favourite venue to win an extraordinary contemporary artist to host a Museums at Night event in October. Choose the venue you want to vote for and fill in your contact details and you could also take part in the event if your chosen venue wins.

The five venues competing to win Yinka Shonibare MBE in the Connect! competition are:

Compton Verney, Warwick,  propose to extend the idea of an elite supper club for the few into a sensory cultural feast for the many, at which contemporary reflections on the issues and ideas raised by particular works in the collections will be provided through performance, food and costume. Participants will dress flamboyantly and enjoy sensory treats, specially created canapés and a range of performances by young creatives.

Hackney Museum in East London  will ask visitors, prior to the event, to submit a recipe for their perfect Hackney supper. Dressed to reflect their own personal identity, guests will be seated atop a locally excavated Anglo-Saxon log boat to receive their ‘supper’ in a way the artist chooses to interpret each recipe. These will be presented at or around the table or delivered to guests during the event. The group and artist will then create a collaborative installation or artwork representing the ultimate Hackney dish to express what Hackney means to them.

The Museum of Oxford will celebrate 40 things that are uniquely Oxford and their 40th anniversary with their 40:40 exhibition, and want to work Yinka to create a cultural supper as part of it. Focusing on the theme of people and place they aim to engage the public with the things that inspire, fascinate, provoke or intrigue them about Oxford.

The Novium Museum, Chichester will create Inventive Factory spaces inspired by local inventor Colin Pullinger whose own Inventive Factory was the first humane mousetrap! This mini-festival exploring Yinka’s favourite theme of identity will partly be led by visitors, community groups and students with the objects and artwork that are produced at the event resulting in an Alternative Museum collection.

Towcester Museum  will involve art students from local Northampton University decorating pavements, producing a photographic collage. They will also hold a history of Towcester fashion show at the Corn Exchange Town Hall and bring feisty historic characters such as Boudicca, civil war soldiers and Roman centurions back to life!

Polls close at 8pm on Saturday 16th May 2015!