Luke Jerram - your vote counts!

From 11am on Friday 1st May to 8pm Saturday 16th May you can vote for your favourite venue to win an extraordinary contemporary artist to host a Museums at Night event in October. Choose the venue you want to vote for and fill in your contact details and you could also take part in the event if your chosen venue wins.

The five venues competing to win Luke in the Connect! competition are:

20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe is housed within a neo-Gothic former church with a bell tower housing three illuminated clock faces – why is one missing?! The venue propose using this and Scunthorpe’s other myriad links with timepieces, including John Harrison who revolutionised sea travel, and the much lamented sixties town centre clock now lying in storage.

Brunel’s ss Great Britain, Bristol, ominously suggest hanging timepieces from the rigging, possibly set to the long forgotten Bristolian time-zone! Plus, the passenger records from the voyage 150 years ago (to the date of Museums at Night 2015) from Melbourne back to Liverpool can be used to generate content and link to modern day stories.

Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery‘s visitors will be asked to choose a particular time that holds a significance to them, then draw their chosen time onto a cardboard clock and write a sentence to illustrate its importance to them, the clocks will then be fixed to an enormous board. Meanwhile an illusionist will play tricks with space and time!

The Lightbox, Woking will use visitors’ clocks to inspire local story-telling on the themes of childhood and special moments. Visitors’ stories will be used as snapshots of Woking’s history as storytellers will lead illuminated trails around the venue.

Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, Devon will build on the work of their youth group Masterpieces to create a participatory experience based on the past occupants of the Georgian building. The ticking and chiming of the clocks will be amplified and the visual splendour will be projected on an outside wall as the event stretches from dusk to late.

Polls close at 8pm on Saturday 16th May 2015!