The McGuires - your vote counts!

From 11am on Friday 1st May to 8pm Saturday 16th May you can vote for your favourite venue to win an extraordinary contemporary artist to host a Museums at Night event in October. Choose the venue you want to vote for and fill in your contact details and you could also take part in the event if your chosen venue wins.

The five venues competing to win Davy & Kristin McGuire in the Connect! competition are:

Dulwich Picture Gallery, London will hold their first Halloween adult lock-in enticing guests to join an other-worldly evening of entertainment. What stories do the Old Masters tell? Who was the Gallery’s fourth coffin for? Join the McGuires and enter a world of immersive storytelling made possible through the theatrical power of projection-mapping.

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford will theme their event ‘Day of the Dead’ asking the artists to create a path of installations through the dimly lit museum, with each piece referencing a case or object within the collections, exploring how we celebrate and remember those we have lost. Music and lighting will add to the sensory experience and there will be a themed cocktail bar.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth will stage a public vote to find their most intriguing artwork and to imagine their possible stories. The McGuires will be asked to respond to this along with costumed guests and musicians, while the event is filmed for posterity.

The Royal Armouries, Leeds will help the McGuires torment an old colonel with spirits of the English Civil War! Exploring the regret one man felt at joining the Parliamentarians against the King, the impressive horseback Knight astride the Atrium will be used to bring the story to life.

The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Birkenhead will enable the McGuires to use two marble statues, ‘Pauline’ and ‘Love’ to create a series of grottos. Using projections, lighting, contemporary interventions, textures, sound and print the gallery will be transformed into an enchanted garden animating a narrative imagined and developed with staff and visitors.

Polls close at 8pm on Saturday 16th May 2015!